Wow Malta-4

In the summer, Sliema Beach comes to life as people descend on the rocky shore to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and sea. Apart from being a pleasant place for long strolls on the wide promenade along Tower Road, the Sliema shore is also a beach with flat rocks that make it a favourite spot amongst locals and tourist during Malta’s warm months. Sliema seafront stretches along over 3 km, from the busy Sliema Strand waterfront to Balluta Bay, St Julians, where access to the deep blue sea is easy with many suitable areas for swimming and sunbathing.

Several beach clubs and lidos are located in Qui-Si-Sana and Sliema Pitch, near Il-Fortizza, for those looking to relax on a comfortable sun bed by an open-air swimming pool. Snorkelling, diving and bbq-ing are all popular activities that can be enjoyed in the Sliema seashore. Metal handrails provide safe access to the sea, while a lifeguard posted at the largest flat sandstone beach location can assist any bathers who encounter difficulties while swimming.

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